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by Paul Bowers -
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If you are reading this you have likely decided to become PPD-Certified through SPED by completing and passing one of the four exams listed at this website.

Many will arrive here after taking SPED piping design courses and some will have decided to challenge an exam based on their confidence in their current knowledge level and experience.

Most of the PPD level exams at this site allow exam practice sessions (quizzes) prior to writing the actual exam itself. This enables you to familiarize yourself with the presentation of the exams and how they work. Once you have reached the maximum amount of exam practice sessions (three attempts) the actual exam itself will be invoked by the software (in other words, do not try any Exam Practice Quizzes more than three times).

You may also skip the exam practices and proceed straight to your SPED level's final exam if you wish. When you are prepared to take the final exam contact SPED for access to the appropriate area of the website and to arrange for a local proctor.